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This page is for press accreditation for journalists and communication mediums interested in covering the International Colloquium “Amazon: Rising Violence and Disturbing Trends”, that will be held at the University of Oxford between January 31 and February 2.

Only journalists and communication mediums previously registered through this form will have access to the lecturers, to interviews and to any further content presented at the Colloquium.

This form is disabled.


Chanelle Dupuis
Chanelle Dupuis is a senior undergraduate student at Florida State University. She studies French and Spanish and is completing a minor in German and Portuguese. Her research interests include French Literature, endangered languages, folktales of the Amazon, and Smell Studies.
Lucas Lacerda
Lucas Lacerda is a journalist who graduated from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. He graduated with a case study on the methodologies of French discourse analysis and discursive ethos. He worked in the public sector in the areas of water resources, environment and public safety. He now acts as a freelancer. He has published material in the Fogo Cruzado datalab, the Folha de São Paulo newspaper and the Amazonia Latitude magazine.
Sandro Schutt
Sandro Schutt is a journalist who graduated from Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ). He is a content editor at Amazonia Latitude, a digital magazine, and specializes in editing, planing and designing content for journalistic vehicles. His experience with scientific divulgation traces back to his work at Fundaçao de Apoio à Pesquisa Científica e Tecnológica UFRRJ (FAPUR), where he develped articles and reports on research supported by the foundation..
João Pedro Soares
João Pedro Soares is a carioca from Rio who has surrendered himself to the enchanted knowledge of the forest. He is a journalist who loves to travel to find and tell the stories that have been forgotten by history. He is a partner of the Andante Agency, a correspondant for Deustche Welle in Brazil, and he has published materials in the main news sources of the country such as the magazines piauí and Época, as well as Folha de S. Paulo and El País Brazil. In his life as a reporter, a journey that started at the age of 19, he learned quickly that the secret is to listen more than speak.
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