Raoni – Nobel Peace Prize 2020

In video, academics and social leaders show support to chief Raoni Yanomami’s┬á Nobel Peace Prize 2020 campaign.

The Amazonia Latitude team went to Oxford University for an important colloquium on the Amazon from January 30 to February 2. The colloquium discussed environmental and political issues in the Amazon region and allowed indigenous leaders to voice their concerns and brainstorm potential solutions. One of the indigenous leaders present at this event was Cacique Raoni Metuktire ; he is a renown indigenous leader, environmentalist, and a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020.

At this colloquium, respected politicians and academics provided their support for RaoniÔÇÖs candidature. Academics such as John Hemming and Suzanna Hecht showed their support for Raoni and vocalized the importance of his work for the Amazonian region and beyond. This video portrays RaoniÔÇÖs journey to Oxford and the various voices that support and respect his work and positive influence on the world.

For other Professors and Academics who would like to show support for Raoni’s campaign, please send us a message through our social media channels to receive a file of the banner and to send us a video with max lenght of 30 seconds where you present your support for chief Raoni Metuktire.

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