Amazonia in Five Minutes #04

problema ambiental

In this fourth episode of “Amazônia in Five Minutes,” a podcast with weekly highlights from Amazônia Latitude and specialized publications about the region, listen to an excerpt from an exclusive interview given by the Yanomami shaman, Davi Kopenawa, during the “Amazônia: Growing Violence and Worrying Trends,” Colloquium held earlier this year in Oxford, England. Davi warned, in January, about the dangers of the pandemic for the indigenous peoples of the region.

Learn more about the historical and culturally diverse Santarém, one of the oldest cities in the Amazon located in western Pará which has just turned 359 years old. The municipality is dealing with alarming numbers of dead and infected due to the new coronavirus.

To sooth yourself during these difficult times, we invite you to listen to some of the artistic production from the region with a musical tip of the week, coming from the birthday city, Santarém.

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