Amazonia in Five Minutes #05

problema ambiental

In episode # 05 of our weekly podcast, Amazonia in five minutes, we explain how deforestation and fires exacerbate the difficulties faced by Amazonian peoples during the pandemic.

We also talk about the case of Yanomami children, buried in Boa Vista without any warning to mothers and indigenous leaders, even if rituals, including those of mourning, are guaranteed by Brazilian law.

This week’s musical tip is a grand symphonic poem by Heitor Villa-Lobos, which unites orchestra, choirs in Nheengatu, the lingua franca of the Amazon, and melodic tunes inspired by birds and sounds of the forest.

The podcast is yet another aspect of the Amazonia Latitude mission: to broaden the critical debate about the forest and publicize its cultural diversity, natural wealth and dilemmas.

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