Amazonia in Five Minutes #03

problema ambiental

In the third episode of “Amazônia em Cinco Minutos”, a podcast with the highlights of the week, find out how Tabatinga, an Amazonian city on the triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru is faring during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A report from the government of Amazonas state on June 16, confirmed about 2,500 cases. In Tabatinga alone there were 67 recorded deaths.

In nearby Vale do Javari, where about 6,000 people live, including voluntary and autonomous isolation Indigenous peoples there were 39 confirmed cases as of June 16.

This episode highlights an article by Professor Marcos Colón, reporting on the urgency of joint and solidarity action at the international level to confront the disease among indigenous people in the Amazon.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Paulinho Paiakan, a Kaiapó leader who served for decades as a defender of indigenous lands in Brazil. He died on Wednesday (17) as a result of the coronavirus.

This week’s cultural tip is the Trio Roraimeira, formed by the composing musicians Neuber Uchôa, Zeca Preto and Eliakin Rufino, who sing about the natural beauty and popular culture of Roraima, in the far north of the country. The songs are “Cidade do Campo” named after the capital Boa Vista and “Makunaimando”.

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